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When Willy hadn't shown at the bar that first night, Kersen had been equal parts panicked and pissed. He told himself that he could wait. At least a while. That Willy was a fucking fae and they weren't exactly known for their punctuality, and there was no need to tear the city apart looking for him. Yet.

But by the next night, the panic had gotten considerably worse.

Kersen went to the bar when it opened, wearing a dress - a regular dress, not a drag dress. He was masquerading as his own cousin. It was bizarre.

Of course, he wasn't really much use to anyone anyway. If he had to be honest, he'd spent a fair amount of the past two days intoxicated.

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Willy had gotten the message, but it had been the wee hours of the morning when he'd run to the cottage to collect new guitar strings while Fin slept and he knew Kersen would be a-bed with the sun rising so he decided to go later. Later just turned into much later. No, no fae was ever accused of being punctual.

He breezed into Jazzmin and was distracted by the bar where he ordered a cocktail with pineapple and cranberry juice and enough liquor to make him smile. As he sipped it he looked around the bar, trying to decide which lovely lady was the vampire whose wish he'd granted.

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Willy was unperturbed and simply looked at her with wide eyed curiosity.

"You got your wish," he noted. "Are you not pleased?"

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"Change you back?" he asked, then laughed. "Oh, you sweet thing. I granted your wish because it amused me to do so but if you are going to demand something more from me you will have to pay."

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"Oh...but I can, petal," Willy smirked. "If you wish to return to your natural state you will bring to me a full vial of bilberry essence. It must be pure. Nothing you can buy in any holistic shop..."

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"Do you wish to be returned?" he asked, answering the question with one of his own.

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"You should choose your words more carefully, petal. I only gave you what you wished for," he replied. In truth he was quite pleased by Kersen's reaction. Quite pleased indeed.

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"Oh, please, save your petty threats of violence," he laughed. "As if you could do any lasting damage to me. Bring me the bilberry and I will change you back, little thing."

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"You have resources, I am sure. And you have a reason to spur you on," Willy replied. He was altogether much too amused by all of this. He took one more sip of the fruity drink and set it aside.

"Will there be anything else, petal?" he asked, cloyingly sweet.

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"That is not how things work, Kersen. You pay for services rendered...you do not owe," he replied.

Date: 2015-01-03 06:20 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] willysilver
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"Not one of my own," he purred wickedly.

Date: 2015-01-03 06:28 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] willysilver
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"As you wish, my friend," Willy replied, smiling smugly as he sauntered out of the bar.


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