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It had been a few days since Michael had rescued Kersen from the vampires who had held him. The wounds made with silver were healing slowly, and now were mostly scars - like a months old wound on a human. He was back at the bar, happy for some distraction, but his mood was subdued. Tabitha had blurted "What's wrong with you?" as soon as she'd gotten a look at him, and he was almost embarrassed. He was, after all, not wearing a stitch of makeup. Not even eyeliner. No glitter.

He'd thought briefly about swinging in the other direction, getting all dressed up to try to make himself feel good by looking good. But in the end it had seemed like too much work, and a little sad. It was saying something, when even drag was a drag.

He assured Tabitha that he was fine, but he knew she didn't buy it, especially when he had no interest in singing or flirting and instead helped her tend bar.

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It had been a while since he'd seen Kersen, and it was his turn to show up for a social call. He often choose to visit Kersen at the bar, later at night. It was infinitely more interesting than visiting him at home.

He didn't show up often enough to be considered a regular, but some people (or vampires) did recognize him. His clothes and his posture often did leave an impression.

What he noticed instantly was that there was something wrong with Kersen. He wasn't in drag, which wasn't completely unusual, but he wasn't wearing any form of makeup either. It was almost as if a grayish veil shrouded him.

Hannibal walked up to the bar and sat down. He began with a polite smile. "Hello, my friend," he said, pleasantly enough, though it was obvious he was noticing the change.

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"I'd love a glass of wine," Hannibal said, kindly enough. "I was rather hoping to find you performing tonight," he remarked, not pressing, but simply observing.

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Hannibal noticed the burn scars. They were worse than what he had seen on Alcuin not long ago, and yet, where he had felt anger towards whoever had hurt Alcuin, now he was only curious to know how he had come about these scars. And why they hadn't healed.

"Should someone have sent me?" He asked first.

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"I would prefer to talk tonight," Hannibal admitted. He took his wine and stood up, ready to follow Kersen. "You have me worried."

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Hannibal sat down. This was not his office, but he still exerted that calm. He sat down on the couch and looked at his friend. "Please tell me. Because I can't and won't deny seeing burn marks on your wrists just now. What happened?" He sounded calm, but definitely worried.

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"A lot can happen in a day," Hannibal said, nudging Kersen to speak up.

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Hannibal wasn't actually shocked - there wasn't much that would actually shock him - but for Kersen, he feigned it well. He frowned, staring at the words for a moment, before looking up to his friend again. "That's... horrible. They tortured you." It wasn't a question, but a clear voicing of his disgust to what had happened.

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"And it's recent," Hannibal said. "No need to put it into perspective."


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