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Under normal circumstances, Kersen would not have dreamed of showing up at Michael's place unannounced. But these were unusual circumstances. For one, his phone was broken. For another, he was much closer to Michael's place than either of his own. And finally, he had a dislocated shoulder and a broken wrist.

When he knocked on the door to Michael's apartment, this last point was not immediately obvious since Kersen had a heavy coat on, but he was leaning a bit against the doorframe and looking even paler than usual.

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Michael had not expected anyone, which was why he had a (silver) knife in his hand as he checked in the peephole. Seeing Kersen, he frowned, but opened the door, still keeping the knife in hand. Just in case he was followed.

As soon as he opened the door, he noticed the way Kersen was holding one of his arms, and got out of the way for him to get in.

"You haven't been followed?"

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Michael gave the street a look-around, taking note of anything worth it, just in case. Then he closed and locked the door. "Sit down," he stated, and put the knife down on the kitchen table as he headed for the fridge. It wasn't exactly emergency blood, but it would serve as such. "What happened?" he asked as he took the container out, and grabbed a glass to pour it into.

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"I'm not much of one for tiaras," Michael reminded him, setting the glass down in front of him. "Sit down." The chair would be the best thing to Kersen to brace himself against, and setting that shoulder did come before letting him drink any blood. It wouldn't be for the muscles to start healing while it was still dislocated.

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Michael put his hands on Kersen's shoulder, met his gaze, then inhaled as if to give him the usual 3, 2, 1, and set his shoulder instead. The bone snapped back into place, an easy fix, but one that ought to hurt.

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"What happened?" Michael asked, even as he picked up the glass to put it in Kersen's hand. Then he grabbed a chair to pull it across from Kersen's, and held out his hand for his wrist. It wasn't as easy a fix, but he could make sure that it was right as it healed.

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A muscle ticked in Michael's jaw, but he remained focused on Kersen's wrist, making sure that nothing was broken - as far as he could tell, anyway. "Survivors?" Whether the humans, or the vampires.

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"You'll have to keep an eye on him," Michael warned him, although he probably didn't need to. Still. He would rather say it and not need to than not say it when it might have been needed.

"I think it's just a sprain," he told Kersen, releasing his wrist. "How long for you to heal?"

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"As long as you weren't followed," Michael dismissed that. "What if I hadn't been here?" he asked next, catching Kersen's gaze.

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"I hope you're not doing this to make me proud," Michael replied with raised eyebrows. It wasn't something he ever really felt towards anyone, not even Cesare Borgia. Pride felt too personal, and like taking on some of the credit.

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Michael nodded at his answer, then took the glass and stood to go and refill it. "You'll need one last big power play to take over," he advised, as he came back with the glass, holding it out to the vampire.

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"You'll have to fight him, next," Michael answered. And kill him, obviously.

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Michael did not say anything for a beat, and then only nodded. It was such a waste of time. Kersen needed to take him out to take over London, and that was that, whether Clark really was behind his abduction or not.

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"Do you still need help?" Michael asked. Five minutes ago, he would have, but he did not know how quickly he would have been healing.

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Michael nodded and stood, leading the way through to the bedroom, and the bathroom beside it, taking off shoes and clothes as he went.

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"You can sleep here today, if you like," Michael offered as he opened his belt, toeing off his shoes. He was already barechested, and the rest of his clothes would follow suit.

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Michael stepped out of his trousers and briefs, pulling his socks off while he was at it. "Come here," he said, with an encouraging nod.

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"I have you now," Michael told him, a hand cupping his face, before he slid it down to his belt, deftly unfastening it. He opened his fly and crouched as he pulled his trousers down. Once there, he unfastened his shoes and had him step out of them, and then out of the trousers. The socks came next, all of it done with care, if not outright tenderness.

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Michael cupped his face with one hand again, his thumb coming to rest across Kersen's lips, preventing the kiss. He held Kersen's gaze for a beat, watching him, then removed his thumb and leaned in for that kiss the vampire wanted, wrapping his other arm around him to hold him close.

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Michael kept the kiss brief, then pulled back and reached over to get the water going, so it would heat up before they got into the shower.

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Michael tilted his head into Kersen's hand, letting him feel the gentle scratch of it. "No."

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There were a few scars on the path Kersen's fingers took, and Michael, still unsure how do to deal with that sort of compliment (if it even was one), leaned in for another kiss, a little rougher this time, fingers curling on Kersen's hips.

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Michael soon broke up that kiss and pulled Kersen into the shower with him, grabbing the soap and lathering up his hands, so he could start cleaning up Kersen. He would take care of him, now, tonight.

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Michael looked up at him, his hands still washing the lather off Kersen's chest. "We're going to find out," Michael pointed out. "Unless you're planning on moving away."


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