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Kersen had not been planning to confront Preston Clark yet, not without more investigation and preparation. But when he'd caught a vampire he recognized as one of the Blood Diamond's bouncers trying to break into his office at the bar, he'd knocked the guy out and thrown him over his shoulder.

It was impulsive, but he was more than a little angry at this point. He marched right into the club, demanded to see Preston, and then threw the unconscious vampire on the floor of his office, right on top of a tacky Taiwanese imported rug.

"What did you even think you would find?" he demanded of the startled businessman, who rose from his desk and hurried over to them. "We're vampires, this isn't fucking Watergate." Kersen realized belatedly he should have searched the unconscious vampire on the floor. Maybe he wasn't looking for something, maybe he was going to plant something. Maybe poison Kersen's blood supply.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Preston said, his voice clipped. Kersen was tempted to insult his suit. It was expensive and well fitting but precisely the wrong color for his complexion. He looked even more dead than he should.

Kersen was vaguely glad that he wasn't in drag. It would have been marginally more difficult to seem intimidating, he thought. As it was, the deep purple nails and eyeliner probably didn't help.

"Bullshit," Kersen said irritably. "Look, you've seen the writing on the wall. If you want to challenge me, then do it. Anyone left in this city who hasn't taken a side is just waiting to make sure you don't kill me. But I don't think you want to fight fair."

"I usually don't," Preston said.

Kersen's lips tightened. "I think, actually, that you're the type to use humans as bait, and have your cronies torture someone by carving homophobic slurs into their skin."

Preston's lip twitched just a little. It was a perfect tell. Kersen no longer had any doubt. His hand curled into a fist at his side, and he quickly calculated his odds of winning a fight against how quickly Preston could get backup in here.

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If there was one upside to traveling on Authority business, it was that they would handle the headache that was planning a cross-continental journey for a vampire, including bribing the appropriate instances to get his coffin safely delivered to a vampire-owned hotel in London. So Eric got to London that night and immediately got to work, meeting the Authority's sources of intelligence on the situation in London and getting the latest from them.

He took the time to feed, too, on a volunteer provided for him at the hotel, then finally headed over to the Blood Diamond. The situation was simple enough: there were two contenders, at this stage, both of them bar owners. It seemed to be all the rage these days, and Eric personally thought that it was a hell of a step up from a fucking video store.

The Blood Diamond was a Gothic hang-out, and its owner the most dangerous of the two. The owner of Jazzmin, a jazz club in Soho, seemed a lot more reasonable, but the Authority did not seem to think that he had it in him to rule London, for all that things were shaping up in a way that would make a confrontation between the two inescapable. So they'd sent Eric, and his first order of business was to deal with Preston Clark, and thus make sure to assert his authority straight away.

He hadn't killed anyone on his way into the Diamond, which was why, when he stopped a little way from Clark's office, he knew that he only had a little time before the vampires he'd knocked out came rushing in. Still, he took a few seconds to listen in (vampire senses came in wonderfully handy at times), and quickly realized that Clark was not only not alone, but he was in with Kersen, the Jazzmin owner, who sounded as if he might just have this confrontation now.

That wouldn't do, of course, and Eric zoomed over to the door and opened it without so much as a knock.

"Gentlemen," he greeted them both, ironic politeness as he stepped in. He was dressed in dark clothes, a leather jacket thrown over a black tank top; he didn't really on clothing to impress, seeing as his stature did most of the work. Not to mention his age, for those sensitive enough to feel it. "My name is Eric Northman. The Authority sent me." He turned a polite, please-try-something smile on Clark. "I'm the new sheriff of London."
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It seemed as if the Authority had been right; Preston was a fucking menace, and one Eric would have to deal with sooner rather than later, while Kersen was actually a lot smarter.

"The city? No," Eric shook his head. "But I do like the bar. And it'll look so much better without your shade of homophobia," he added, as if discussing interior design. Pam would have liked that, he thought.

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Eric smiled at Clark, wide enough to bare his teeth. "They warned me you weren't the sharpest tool in the box, but I didn't think you'd be that stupid." He zoomed up to him so they were standing nose to nose (or rather, nose to forehead, seeing as Eric had a few inches on him), his smile now completely gone and his tone as grave as it got. "You sound as if you think you have a choice in this. The only choice you have is whether you're going to try and go against me. I don't recommend it, Preston."

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Clark had some sense after all. A shame; it would have been much easier if he had given Eric a reason to throw him into a cage. That would teach Eric to be too intimidating.

"No discussion," he countered immediately, then gave him a small smile, and stepped away, to head behind the desk and try out his chair.

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Eric whirled back on him, fangs clicking out - but it was a willful decision and not an angry reaction. "No. Discussion."

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So much of an idiot that he actually made a move on Eric, who shoved him back before he had a chance to lay a hand on him. The shove sent him across the room, and right at Kersen's feet.

Eric could have been on Clark again in a heartbeat, but instead he looked up at the third vampire in the room, wondering what he would do.

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Eric tilted his head to the side with an appreciative purse of his lips, fangs back in. "Handy." He walked over to the two of them and watched Clark suffer in dispassionate silence for a few few seconds. "I guess I'll have to throw you into... I bet you have a dungeon here, don't you, Preston? You can let him go," he added, glancing at Kersen.

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Eric had crouched beside Clark, and he grabbed him by the collar when Kersen stepped away. "I feel like you didn't hear me," he remarked nonchalantly, as he stood and pulled Clark onto his feet none too gently. "I'm sheriff of this Area, now. I can, and I will."

A couple of security men - both of them vampires - had come running just in time to hear that announcement, and they looked at each other, then visibly backed down as they realized they were out of their depth.

"I'm sure your former boss has some cages somewhere. Show me," Eric commanded the two, then glanced back at Kersen. "I'd appreciate it if you poured us a drink of something while I deal with this. I won't be long."

His tone when talking to the two vampires and to Kersen, while business-like in both cases, made it obvious that he did not consider them to be on the same level. They got ordered about; Kersen was owed a lot more courtesy.

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Eric was back ten minutes later, walking into the office as if he, in fact, owned it. "Let's start over. I'm Eric Northman. And I'm not that sort of vampire, but I hear it's a great one," he added, nodding at the whisky.

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"I've got it," Eric assured him, not expecting Kersen to wait on him. The only reason he'd asked him to handle it was because he was otherwise occupied, and it had served as a way to ask him to stick around.

A quick search unearthed a mini-fridge behind Clark's desk, and Eric poured himself a glass of blood from a carafe, and nodded at Kersen. "Please, take a seat."

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Handshaking. It wasn't a custom Eric tended to cultivate with other vampires, but he was well enough versed to it when passing as human. He watched Kersen for a second, then reached out to shake his hand. "Yes, I know. I thought I'd step in before you two came to blows."

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"I wanted to deal with him before word of my presence reached him," Eric replied, taking a seat in Clark's former chair - his, now - and leaning back in it. He took a second to appreciate it, then brought the glass of blood to his lips. It really wasn't anything near as good as straight from the vein, but it would do for now. "The Authority thought that you would fall in line. They did not have such hope when it came to him."

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"Yes, it lacked discretion," Eric confirmed, resting his arm on the chair's armrest, glass in hand. He'd heard what else Kersen was saying - that he wouldn't challenge Eric's rule, presumably. Time would tell, of course. "Do you have proof that he is responsible for your human's abduction, and your torture?"

He assumed that the human was Kersen's, honestly. It had certainly sounded like it, from what he'd heard.

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