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Kersen hated that he needed to do this, but he knew it was necessary.

On the chance that he didn't come out of the trial with the Magister (whether it was because he was dead or because he was going to be chained in silver for a while), he didn't want the people he cared about to think that he'd just disappeared. He didn't think of it as saying goodbyes (because he truly did think those outcomes were unlikely) but perhaps more of warning.

And so he'd asked Hannibal if he could come by. It would be good to see him anyway - so much had been going on lately that they hadn't yet gone out together as promised at the club opening when Kersen had seen him last.

He showed up at Hannibal's door after nightfall, looking a bit tired. "It's good to see you," he said as soon as the doctor opened the door.

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There was an urgency in Kersen's voice when he called, and the tired look with which he greeted him now didn't bode well.

"Good to see you, my friend. Come in, please."

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"I've been well," Hannibal replied. The wound on his back was healing nicely and he was confident it would leave no scar. "And yourself? I gather there's something on your mind. Shall we go through to the kitchen first?"

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Hannibal turned to the wine bottles to pour them both a glass, then frowned and turned back at Kersen's answer. "If your aim was to prevent my worrying over your absence... you've failed."

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"What could be your sentence?" Hannibal wanted to know. He could vanish for a while, but where to?

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"How medieval," Hannibal replied and frowned, as though Kersen's assurance that it was unlikely didn't soothe his mind. It was a front.

He genuinely liked Kersen, but if it came to a silver-bound burial, he'd only be curious to see in what mental state the vampire came out of it. And what could be done then.

"You say unlikely, but you came here to say goodbye. What do you think is the more likely outcome?"

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"Did you do it?" Hannibal asked then, offering his friend a glass of wine.

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"What happened?" Hannibal asked quietly - worried for his friend. "What lead to the stabbing?"

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The by the by manner in which Kersen confessed he would have murdered was quite delightful. But the vampire community seemed to Hannibal a group of self-entitled bigots. He had a special dislike for that type of group, dating back to his youth in Lithuania. "I find it a distasteful community, if you don't mind my saying."

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If Hannibal would have considered he could, he would have taken it upon himself to kill every vampire in London. He considered himself above human and above vampire, but he was practical too. Realistically, he knew he could not kill them all. There were too many, and far too strong for him. The solution might lie with a biological warfare and Hannibal was not interested to take it to that. But if the possibility would ever rise, he would, without any hesitation.

"It's often considered to be, yes."


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