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After waking this evening, Kersen had heard the upsetting news that Hannibal Lecter was dead. His house had burned the day before, and him along with it - potential arson. He had sat for a while with this news, his grief mingled with a touch of guilt for having spent so little time with the man in recent months. He also wondered if he should reach out to Alcuin. But no, that may not be best. But perhaps later, after time had passed.

He did not have much time to dwell on it, however, because eventually he noticed a letter slipped under his front door. It had an address on it, a hotel with a room number, and that was all. It was, of course, really stupid to follow these kinds of directions blindly. But on the other hand, he was a vampire; he had good senses, and he could scope out a place well enough. So... he went.

And, in short, he found a body. Well, not a body exactly. A person who was almost a body. The man bound to the bed had been losing blood slowly for what Kersen suspected was about twenty-four hours. He had also had a few non-essential organs removed, placed in a bowl on the nightstand beside him. And the blood he was losing dripped slowly from one elevated wrist into a large wine goblet.

The man's eyes were open and pleading.

There was a note. Kersen read it, felt his entire body go cold, and then after only a moment's hesitation, snapped the man's neck.

If he were human, he would have thrown up.

Instead, he texted Michael the address. Come. Please.

Then he sat down on the floor at the foot of the bed and waited. He did not drink the blood, nor look again at the body.

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Michael came as soon as he could. Fifteen minutes later, he texted a simple, On my way. Forty minutes later, there was a short knock on the door.

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"Who is he?" Michael asked, taking in the sight of the body on the bed. The organs. The blood in the cup.

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"What was the point?" Michael asked, moving over to the body and patting him down.

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Michael wished that Kersen would give him clear and simple answers, but he supposed vampires weren't immune to shock. He was going to stick to the basics for now. "You can't be sure he has no ties to you."

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"Nothing," Michael answered, which meant that they would have to get rid of the body. Not something he would usually do himself without controlling the circumstances of that body existing at all.

Fortunately, he had contacts. Unfortunately, this was not something he could or would put on Cesare Borgia's tab.

He stepped away from the body and called up one of his contacts, listed only as a letter in his mobile. "It's Micheletto," he simply said. "I need a team. Personal matter." A pause as the person on the other end of the line talked, and Michael knew the only kind of payment he could offer. "I'll owe you one."

He hated owing anyone.

After this was accepted, he gave them the address of the hotel, the number of the room, and hung up.

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Michael listened, and went straight for what mattered. "What happened?"

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Michael was impassive as he read the letter. Not a love letter; a blackmail letter. That was what it really was. He handed it back to Kersen without a word, already determined to track down Lecter and end his life.

Not right this second, of course; there were more urgent matters at hand. No doubt one of the reasons behind this "offering".

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"The team will be there any minute," Michael told him. "You can go, if you want."

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"Go," Michael said after a beat, nodding along to the word. "Where will you be?"

He wanted to know whether he should go to him once he was done, yes.

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Michael nodded. "I'll come."

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Michael was a very fast man. It was one of the qualities that had impressed Cesare Borgia from the start. But this time, when he reached out to hold Kersen back for a second, the door was already closing on him.

The team came, and Michael left before they went. It was better for everyone.

He walked into the bar, looked around at the patrons out of instinct, then moved to the bar and simply nodded at the bartenders before heading into the back without breaking his stride. Once he was down the stairs, he knocked on the door.

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Michael was still for half a second, and then wrapped his arms around Kersen, in as comforting an embrace as he was capable of.

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"And then I'll owe you," Michael pointed out, rough words against Kersen's hair. A pause, and then, "I did it because I wanted to."

Kersen didn't owe him anything.

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"It will," Michael answered. It always did, with them. They were that expensive for a reason.

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"Scotch?" Michael said hopefully.

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Michael followed him quietly, and laid a hand on his shoulder just as he set down the second bottle.

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"He didn't want you to know," Michael answered, all the more resolved to track Lecter down.

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Michael definitely didn't want to hear about that, and there had been something hard in his eyes before he'd looked away, focusing on his breathing as Kersen went on speaking. Then he reached for the glass and downed about half of it in one gulp.

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Michael looked over at him. "What do you need?"

This was all he could do. And he really hoped that the answer was not 'I want to tell you about him'.

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It wasn't as if there were very many ways for Michael to get Kersen out of his head. Completely ignoring the poured glasses, he stepped into Kersen's personal space and kissed him, a hand going to his hair to tilt Kersen's head just as he wanted it, the other curling on his hip.


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