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Feb. 1st, 2016 10:49 pm
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Kersen had not been planning to confront Preston Clark yet, not without more investigation and preparation. But when he'd caught a vampire he recognized as one of the Blood Diamond's bouncers trying to break into his office at the bar, he'd knocked the guy out and thrown him over his shoulder.

It was impulsive, but he was more than a little angry at this point. He marched right into the club, demanded to see Preston, and then threw the unconscious vampire on the floor of his office, right on top of a tacky Taiwanese imported rug.

"What did you even think you would find?" he demanded of the startled businessman, who rose from his desk and hurried over to them. "We're vampires, this isn't fucking Watergate." Kersen realized belatedly he should have searched the unconscious vampire on the floor. Maybe he wasn't looking for something, maybe he was going to plant something. Maybe poison Kersen's blood supply.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Preston said, his voice clipped. Kersen was tempted to insult his suit. It was expensive and well fitting but precisely the wrong color for his complexion. He looked even more dead than he should.

Kersen was vaguely glad that he wasn't in drag. It would have been marginally more difficult to seem intimidating, he thought. As it was, the deep purple nails and eyeliner probably didn't help.

"Bullshit," Kersen said irritably. "Look, you've seen the writing on the wall. If you want to challenge me, then do it. Anyone left in this city who hasn't taken a side is just waiting to make sure you don't kill me. But I don't think you want to fight fair."

"I usually don't," Preston said.

Kersen's lips tightened. "I think, actually, that you're the type to use humans as bait, and have your cronies torture someone by carving homophobic slurs into their skin."

Preston's lip twitched just a little. It was a perfect tell. Kersen no longer had any doubt. His hand curled into a fist at his side, and he quickly calculated his odds of winning a fight against how quickly Preston could get backup in here.


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