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Sometimes, Kersen just liked forgetting all the shit he was dealing with (specifically, lately, the unnerving increase in vampire activity in the city) and dance. Dance with strangers. If he could, he'd be pulling too, but after what had happened with (who he now knew was) Michael all those months ago, he was wary of hooking up with random humans. Dancing, though, that was okay.

This was how he found himself in a gay club in Soho. He'd lost his shirt at some point, and his tattoos and skin were glistening with sweat and glitter. A ripped, gorgeous man grabbed him and some point and started grinding, and Kersen was dancing with him, kind of, but he was also just dancing with himself, with the world.


May. 8th, 2015 10:48 am
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Hannibal smiled. "But the fire between us is undeniable..."

That made Kersen smile, too. He brought his hand to Hannibal's face and ran a thumb idly across his lips. "Do you remember the first time?" he murmured. "With that damn drug lowering both our inhibitions? There was something about it, knowing that you couldn't stop yourself from wanting me despite my gender... I don't think I've ever been so turned on from giving someone head."


May. 6th, 2015 01:44 pm
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To Kersen's credit, he'd had enough practice that he could get out of drag pretty quickly by now. (Getting into it was a different story, of course.) It was maybe five minutes before he emerged from the bathroom, the dress gone, now wearing nothing but a pair of loose, cotton pants. He hadn't been wearing heavy makeup anyway because of the hood on his gown, so it wasn't much trouble to get rid of all of it except the eye makeup, which he often wore when he was dressed normally anyway.

"Would you have recognized me right away if I'd been like this?" he asked with a little smiled.


Jan. 2nd, 2015 10:52 pm
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When Willy hadn't shown at the bar that first night, Kersen had been equal parts panicked and pissed. He told himself that he could wait. At least a while. That Willy was a fucking fae and they weren't exactly known for their punctuality, and there was no need to tear the city apart looking for him. Yet.

But by the next night, the panic had gotten considerably worse.

Kersen went to the bar when it opened, wearing a dress - a regular dress, not a drag dress. He was masquerading as his own cousin. It was bizarre.

Of course, he wasn't really much use to anyone anyway. If he had to be honest, he'd spent a fair amount of the past two days intoxicated.


Dec. 29th, 2014 10:01 am
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The night before, Hannibal had come by unexpectedly, bringing Kersen a small gift from his trip to Paris since they hadn't seen each other in quite some time. It was a nice gesture, and they'd spent a leisurely evening in bed.

Hannibal had fallen asleep first, not unusual since Kersen was for all accounts nocturnal, and he'd gotten up and spent some time at his desk sketching out the dress he wanted to make, based on the one he'd seen in the store that day. He'd thought with some amusement of his conversation with Willy, where he'd mused that sometimes he thought it would be nice to be a woman just so that he could buy clothes off the rack and fit into them properly. Though that would really be the only reason. Kersen was, not to put too find a point on it, all man. Despite the pretty clothes, he did not identify as female at the least. He was a man in a dress, and he liked it that way.

Eventually he had crawled back into bed with Hannibal, naked, and even snuggled up against him a bit. He enjoyed a warm body in his bed. When morning came, it was not immediately obvious since the room was light tight, but as usual Kersen was not the first to wake.

He also did not notice that at some point while he slept, he had changed.


Oct. 14th, 2014 05:58 pm
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It wasn't exactly something that Kersen had started on purpose. It was just because of the activity around his bar, the vampires getting out of hand, the handful of humans glamoured or attacked. And since then he'd started keeping an eye on the space around him as well, until the radius of his interest had gotten a bit larger, and a bit larger... and then suddenly he was getting calls about what was going on anywhere in Soho. Until he started to feel protective over all of it. And he started looking into things beyond his bar.

Like the vampire club four blocks away. Just your average goth nightclub for anyone who didn't know... and for those who did, there were back rooms where a willing victim could easily find a vampire looking for a quick bite. At least, Kersen hoped they were willing. He just... wanted to check it out for himself. To make sure.

The owner was an acquaintance more than a friend, and she arched an eyebrow dubiously once she got a whiff of why Kersen was there. "Are you checking up on me?" she asked. "Isn't that something. The Vampire Queen of Soho."

Kersen wasn't sure how he felt about that.

But she didn't actually seem offended. She just shrugged, and threw open the nearest set of curtains off the dance floor. "If anyone's getting glamoured the vampires are doing a good job of keeping it under wraps," she said, and pointed to where a vampire was bent over a human man doing nothing to hide his obvious pleasure at the bite. "Willing," she said, pointing. "Trust me. He's here once a week."

Kersen started to just nod, but then his eyes went wide.

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[continued from here]

Kersen left Hani on the couch and walked into the kitchen, where he pulled a carafe of blood from the refrigerator and just drank straight from it rather than bothering with a glass. He didn't look back to see whether Hani was watching him.

From there he went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth, because he didn't want Hani to have to deal with the taste of blood. And when he came out again he had also shed his tight leather trousers and was wearing a pair of soft linen pajama pants and a white tshirt.
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[continued from here]

Kersen picked up a bottle of a sweet brandy from the bar, and led Jade downstairs to the apartment. He wondered if he should be troubled that the young man essentially showed up for booty calls. But honestly, Kersen enjoyed it too much to complain. He should just consider himself fortunate.


Aug. 27th, 2014 08:13 am
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Kersen hadn't wanted to bring up his own problems the night that Hannibal had called him about Alcuin. Even when they'd waited for hours, mostly just playing chess, Kersen hadn't wanted to veer into anything else too unpleasant. And besides, the topic of supernatural creatures hiding their nature may not have been the most welcome one at that moment.

Later, though, he found that he really did want to talk to someone and his choices were limited. He asked Hannibal if he could come over some evening.

When he arrived, he offered a bottle of wine and said, "You know, I'd have you over to mine more often but then I feel badly for having a house completely empty of food."


Aug. 9th, 2014 07:24 pm
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Kersen honestly didn't know what had come over him, asking a human guy out on a date. Someone who had no clue what he was, and hell, probably had no clue about vampires at all. But maybe... maybe he just wanted to pretend for a time that he was a normal kind of guy who could go on a normal kind of date. For god's sake, it was a super hero movie.

... which, actually, Kersen enjoyed a lot more than he thought he would. Not to mention Hex's company. The man was just so... right, normal. It was endearing. And Kersen couldn't stop imagining what he must look like without his shirt.

He was too unsure of himself to do anything like take Hex's hand during the movie, or put a hand on his leg. He wasn't sure how it would be received. But after it was over, he leaned in close to him in the dark theater as people started to file out and said, "That was so entertaining. Did you like it?"


Aug. 8th, 2014 02:52 pm
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Since their first encounter, Kersen and Jade had texted a few times, and tonight Jade had mentioned that he might come by the bar. Kersen had planned on performing tonight anyway, but honestly that information might have encouraged him to put a little more care into his appearance. He'd made a dress recently that had begun as a gown (perhaps with Hannibal and the opera in mind, if he were ever feeling particularly brave) with a high lace neck to hide his adam's apple, but when he'd made a dire mistake on the skirt he'd decided to simply cut it short. The result was a sexy little cocktail dress that showed off both his legs and his tattoos. He loved it. Fierce. And he paired it with a fire engine red wig and strappy red high heels that made him well over six feet tall.

He felt sexy and powerful and in control. And not long after he came out an unfamiliar straight man hit on him hardcore, so apparently the feminine illusion was out in full force tonight.


Aug. 2nd, 2014 12:31 am
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Kersen had been trying to keep a closer eye on the vampire patrons in his bar lately. He'd had a few unsettling incidents lately: a human customer almost drained in the bathroom, and a couple others showing up disoriented, clearly having been glamoured and fed from (presumably without their consent). Not only did he want to make sure that his human customers were safe, but he also wanted to find out who was responsible and deal with them.

He was hoping he didn't have to... deal with them personally, but he could do what was necessary. If he had to.

He was actually working behind the bar tonight; Tabitha had the night off and with only the one other bartender on duty he was too busy to perform. He'd noticed the guy sitting at the end of the bar with his laptop, drinking tea. Which was unusual in both respects, but not the strangest thing he'd seen in his bar by far.

But it was later in the evening when Kersen really took notice of him. Because suddenly the guy wasn't alone; he was joined by a vampire sitting on the stool next to him and looking at him very intently. The vampire, dark and nondescript, reached out and took the man's hand, laying fingers on his pulse point and looking staring into his eyes. Then he started to rise, bringing him up with him. Clearly intending to take him somewhere else. Somewhere more private.

Temper flaring, Kersen stalked around the bar and yanked the vampire's hand away from the man, gripping his wrist hard. "What do you think you're doing," he snapped.

"What?" The vampire looked shocked. "We were just..." He gestured with his free hand to the man with the glasses. "We were just getting along. Nothing. Let me go!"
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[continued from here]

"Do you dance?" Jade asked Kersen. "I feel like dancing."

Kersen grinned at him. "I love dancing," he said. "What kind did you have in mind? Because I have some control over the music, you know."
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Entries below this point are from Killjoy RPG (some of which are still backstory-relevant!), but from this point on this journal is being used for [community profile] londoncallingrpg.
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As Kersen groggily blinked awake, he realized that he'd been asleep longer than he'd intended. The night before had been interesting. A bit too much wine for both him and Hannibal, though it had been good wine. But after they'd fallen into bed and subsequently tired themselves out, Kersen had intended only to rest his eyes for a time before slipping out before dawn. Only now he was awake and he could see from the clock by the bed that the sun was already out. He could not, however, see it coming through the blinds. Perhaps by some small mercy it was overcast.

"Hannibal," he whispered, and lightly nudged the naked man next to him in bed. "Hannibal, I'm so sorry, I fell asleep... it's morning."


May. 28th, 2014 04:04 pm
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The opera was beautiful. And Hannibal was always a very good companion for these things, though if Kersen had to admit it to himself, he was also perhaps thinking of Fin's comments about Hannibal that had led to the invitation as well. They went out. It wasn't as if Hannibal was ashamed of him or something! Right?

He hadn't dressed in drag, instead simply wearing a well cut suit with a lavender silk scarf and just a hint of makeup. And he liked being out with Hannibal. Just because they weren't a couple didn't mean that Kersen couldn't enjoy being on someone's arm. Even if he wasn't... actually. On his arm.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked as they made their way out into the crowd afterwards.


May. 10th, 2014 12:16 pm
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Kersen imagined that Hannibal had fully intended to distract him with the knowledge of his desire to experiment sexually. It was enough to have him eagerly anticipating seeing him again on Saturday, in any case, and it was on his mind. Not even so much the act itself, but what it meant - the knowledge that Hannibal wanted him, wanted more of him.

He answered the door Saturday evening not in drag, but a typical androgynous appearance for him: a woman's silk robe with stockings and a waist cincher underneath, light eye makeup, lip gloss, tousled hair.

"Hello," he said with a mischevious smile.


May. 8th, 2014 12:51 pm
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[continued from here]

Kersen led Hannibal back to the small dressing room behind the stage that had been set up at the museum benefit. There was a rack on one side on which was hanging his outfit from his first performance of the night along with a simple black dress.

"A little disappointed there's no star on the door," he teased.


Mar. 24th, 2014 05:22 pm
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Kersen hadn't exactly stopped by unannounced, because he hd called first. But still, it was something of an unexpected visit, and somewhat selfish in motivation. Kersen had been shopping, for stockings and undergarments, which meant that he was in his very best, subtle, could-actually-pass-for-a-woman drag. It was just easier than dealing with the looks and suspicion being a man slipping in dressing rooms in a woman's clothing store. So he was kind of sexy librarian chic at the moment, down to a chignon and (non-prescription, obviously) glasses, and stockings with seams up the back. He'd called because he was in the neighborhood, which was sort of true, but honestly, he thought that Hannibal would appreciate the way he looked and he figured he might as well get something out of the effort. So he wanted to be told he was pretty, so sue him. When he'd come in he'd taken off the jacket he was wearing, leaving him in a white blouse and a red pencil skirt.

"New drawings?" he observed, looking down at a stack on the table while Hannibal poured wine. He pulled one out and added, "Oh, my," as he studied the absolutely gorgeous form of a naked young man.


Feb. 4th, 2014 10:27 pm
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Kersen didn't go see Hex the same night he'd seen Spencer, knowing that he needed at least a little emotional space. But the next night, after sun down, he did. He hoped it wasn't a terrible idea not to call first, but he just went, and knocked on his door.


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